Emmerdale Season 32 Episode 37 Tuesday 27 July 2004 2003

Suspecting that Steph is behind Shelly's unsettled mood Alan asks her what's going on. Feigning reluctance Steph tells Alan his relationship with Shelly isn't her first relationship with a wealthy older man. When Shelly realises Steph has poisoned Alan's mind, Shelly decides she can't bear to stay with him knowing that he doubts her motives for being with him. Lisa does her best to reassure Sam about the pending court hearing, but is flabbergasted when he tells her not to worry because Marlon is going to sneak him off to Ireland instead. Furious Lisa confronts Marlon, who admits to having a hand in the escape plans. Marlon tells Lisa he's offered to help Sam escape because he's convinced that Sam wouldn't survive in prison. Tash admits to Simon that she wonders what things would be like if they had never broken up. Realising that she is still interested, Simon points out to her that they have both moved on. Later, she moves in to kiss him but Simon pulls away from her, saying that it i

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