Emmerdale Season 32 Episode 32 Wednesday 21 July 2004 2003

Determined to bring up Christopher Zoe decides to flee Emmerdale with the children, but just as she's about to leave Scott shows up and stops her leaving the village with his daughter. Furious that Zoe would consider taking Jean away without his consent Scott manages to convince Zoe that she will only make matters worse for herself if she decides to take Christopher away. Zoe later takes the baby to Holdgate Farm to hand him over herself. She does so calmly, but tears fill her eyes as she watches an elated Charity hold her son. Heartbroken, Zoe walks away, clutching the baby's blanket to her face for comfort. Tom tells Carl that he would really appreciate it if he could find somewhere else to live, now that he and Charity will have the baby. Carl agrees but is clearly preoccupied, and Tom is puzzled by his behaviour. Katie struggles to settle back into village life when Donna takes exception to Danny offering Katie a room at Pear Tree Cottage. taken from itv.com

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