Emmerdale Season 32 Episode 30 Monday 19 July 2004 2003

When Tom confides in Sadie that he thinks Charity wants to keep her baby and confesses that this is not what he wants Sadie seizes her golden opportunity to split them up. Playing the concerned daughter-in-law card to the full Sadie tells Tom that he mustn't come between Charity and her son and however painful it may be he must let her go. Meanwhile, Charity admits to an unimpressed Lisa that she can't risk losing her millionaire fiancé, even if it means sacrificing her child. However, a run in with Zoe prompts Charity to change her mind and she tells Tom she can't bear to let her son go. Charity is thrilled when he tells her that if it's what she really wants, he will learn to live with it, if it means they can be together. Katie shocks estranged husband Andy when she unexpectedly turns up on his doorstep. After discussing financial matters, Katie waits at the bus stop but is spotted by Robert before she is able to leave. He does all he can to beg her to stay, but despite his pleas Ka

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