Emmerdale Season 32 Episode 29 Sunday 18 July 2004 2003

At the adoption hearing Zoe fears that Charity may try to take baby Christopher back. To her surprise, however, Charity explains to the court that she doesn't want custody of her son. Zoe's relief is short-lived when she is told that social services are against the adoption and the judge asks for a recess to consider the situation further. While Zoe anxiously awaits the decision, bored Charity decides to head back to work. The judge returns with the verdict and Zoe clings to her nephew in horror as she is told that the adoption has been declined. How will Zoe cope with this shattering news? Charity is later stunned when she hears that her son will be going into foster care. Will this provoke Charity to rethink her decision? Jarvis calls in on Edna and is concerned by her defeatist attitude. He points out that she is lucky to be alive, and refers to Paul. Taking this on board, Edna finally calls the hospital accepting she needs home help. Nicola is annoyed when she sees Simon hugging a

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