Emmerdale Season 32 Episode 28 Friday 16 July 2004 2003

Still determined not to use the commode, Edna decides to take Tootsie for a walk so she can use the public amenities. Her humiliation deepens when she doesn't make it in time. After being reassured by a surprisingly sympathetic Viv, Edna is at the end of her tether and shouts at Sam again, accusing him of ruining her life and taking away her independence. Later she attempts to climb the stairs to her bathroom but loses her footing and falls. Jarvis hears the crash and runs into the house to find Edna lying at the bottom of the stairs. Will Edna survive another set back? Charity resolves to ignore her doubts about the adoption. She convinces Tom that she does not want the baby back and Tom tries to cheer her up by asking her to move in with him. After Zoe refuses to let her see the baby, Charity confides in Chas that she is feeling unsure but simply can't risk ruining things with Tom by keeping the child. taken from itv.com

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