Emmerdale Season 32 Episode 26 Wednesday 14 July 2004 2003

With Zak's activities reducing Dingle coffers to an all time low Lisa sends Cain, Sam and Shadrach out to make some money. When they come across a cow Shadrach has an idea. Convinced that the prime beef from the lost beast will be worth a small fortune the Dingles decide the cow is a gift horse they can't afford to ignore and bundle the animal into the back of their van. Meanwhile, Andy realises that one of his herd is missing and calls the police. Will Lisa pull the trigger on the animal before they realise who the rightful owner is? Dawn reassures Terry that her trip to Spain is just a holiday and even if she gets sole custody of TJ she will not deny him access. Relieved, Terry agrees to let her take their son to Spain. Will Terry come to regret his willingness to trust his estranged wife? Edna is horrified when her physiotherapist suggests that because she is unable to get up the stairs to the toilet she needs a commode. taken from itv.com

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