Emmerdale Season 32 Episode 23 Sunday 11 July 2004 2003

Steph is furious when she finds out that Shelly is helping Alan sell the B&B in preparation for a move to Spain. Steph confronts her friend about it and an argument ensues. Meek Shelly finally loses her temper and slaps Steph after she threatens to lock her in the cellar. Steph is furious and vows revenge, but will Shelly escape to Spain before she gets the chance? Edna is mortified when she has no option but to let Jarvis help her up the stairs to the bathroom. Still recuperating from her surgery, Edna is adamant than she can make it to church to receive communion but struggles with her Zimmer frame and is forced to return home. Diane and Louise make the mistake of leaving Marlon in charge of the pub for the day. Chas and Val are soon at each other's throats, and the joint landladies decide that one of them will have to go. With the staff having proved a dismal faiure they decide to organise a poll to let the punters choose who stays. taken from itv.com

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